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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I finished this Dotee Doll (named for the idea creator) this evening. I joined a swap-bot swap to make and trade three Dotee Dolls with other crafters, but... I don't know. I am thinking of dropping out before the sign-up period ends. Sewing is not my thing, and I get very tired of it very quickly. Doing this one doll was about all I can handle, I think. And when I looked up 'Dotee Dolls' on Flicker, I liked all of the ones there better than the one I made. Not a good omen. The beading about blinded me, too. But I guess I'll give it a few more days before I pull the plug on the swap, in case I get a second wind with it or something. Now I wish I hadn't bought all those packs of beads, the different colors of felt for backing and the special beading needles, which turned out not to be any better than the regular needles I was using. Blah.

The row of red tatting across the doll's middle it the sum of Ashley's attempt at tatting years ago. I think she was about 7, maybe. At the time, we were big into quilting, and the kids and I were going to a 'quilting circle', I guess you'd call it, each week. One of the lady's mother-in-law came occassionally when she was visiting and she would tat. Ashley was interested and tried to learn from her, but couldn't get it very well. Neither could I.

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