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Monday, July 09, 2007


Okay, here are some better Yellow Monday photos. Zach called and asked if he and Mathieu could come over. I said, 'Sure!'. Then I thought to call right back and ask if he could pick some cowpen daisies for me to photograph. And then, since he was changing shirts anyway, I asked if he had an every day yellow one he could wear. Mathieu was already specially dressed in a hugely too big camo shirt handed down from Zach's friend Charles, who recently moved away. But he obligingly changed to a yellow shirt too. Aren't they photogenic? They posed themselves completely on their own. The only direction I had to give them was to move the flowers more to the center (Zach) and then for Mat to move them so he wouldn't be covering his face. From the looks of these photos, you'd never guess that they came in the door fighting and that in posing for the photos Zach at first had his arm tightly wrapped around Mat's neck. ...Or maybe you would.


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