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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Garrett bought Shabree a new bike yesterday - one to stay here at this house instead of over at the cottage. He has been bike-riding quite a bit in a large, hilly park near Waco, and wanted to be able to ride bikes with Shabree when he is home. They rode around town after this photo was taken and then on to the cottage, where they helped Chuck do some mowing.

Garrett also took Shabree and I out to eat at Chili's at noon, and to Walmart where he and I went halves on a Playstation2, and Sims Pets game.

Chuck and I and Shabree, Zach and Mat went to Mass Saturday evening. I had been feeling bad since I woke up that morning, and it got worse as the day went on. Right after Mass, where I realized how bad I really felt, I came home and after feeding the dogs and cats, went straight to bed until about 3am, when I got up to drink lots of water and write these last two blog entries. I do feel better now, but plan to go back to bed again in a minute and hopefully sleep until a decent hour. At Mass all the fathers were honored and received flowers and a small gift.

No real plans here, for Father's Day... Chuck and Garrett will be leaving to return to Waco around 2pm, I think. I may make an apple-cucumber salad that a friend told me about....and throw out the Tomato Crunch Casserole that I got the recipe for off of the internet. I made it Friday night, and it wasn't good at all! Blech!


At 6/18/2007 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Playstation 2 and Sims Pets game......hummmmm.....guess I know why I'm not getting my emails answered!



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