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Monday, July 09, 2007


This isn't such an auspicious beginning to my color week photos. I'll try to do better as the week progresses. Why is there such a dearth of yellow around my household?
I love figural vases and have had this yellow rainboots 'vase' for several years. It was a Goodwill find. But when I put water in it to hold the honeysuckles and lemon balm, the water ran out like through a seive. It turns out that my 'vase' is a small planter. The terra-cotta bottom is very porous. So that accounts for the wilted contents. But the honeysuckles and herbs smell wonderful. The photo was taken outside behind my herb garden. That is cinnamon basil pushing into the photo.


At 7/09/2007 10:36 PM, Blogger andrea said...

looove the yellow rainboots. so classic. :)


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