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Friday, June 29, 2007


Zachary and Mathieu have been visiting almost every day since school has been out. This photo was taken after Mat had been outside collecting some treasures - a couple of bird feathers, some yellow leaves, a snail shell and of course, sticks - lots of sticks. He had some of them arranged artfully on the table when he called me over to admire them.

I've been receiving some treasures of my own lately - art arriving in the mail! Here are my first four art postcards from the summer swap hosted by HulaSeventy. I also received an artist trading card from a group I belong to. The keychains were made by an Amish man who joined the local Volunteer Fire Department recently. He gave one with every meal purchased from the VFD barbecue plate sale. Thanks, Catie, Amanda, Angela, Cindy, Judy and Ezra!


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