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Saturday, June 20, 2009


I spread this black plastic on a rectangle of Burmuda grass sometime after Easter. My intention was to kill that next-to-impossible-to-get-rid-of grass and make that area ready to plant a garden.

I took a peek the other day, and it looks like it's done a pretty good job in the month to month and a half it's been on there. I still see some pale yellowish green Bermuda grass that is likely to revive if I plant the pumpkins and watermelons there like I intend to, this coming week. For all I know the 'dead' roots will revive too. But I think I'll give it a shot since pumpkins planted in June will be ready for Halloween. And this is the last month I can plant the watermelons too.



At 6/27/2009 8:05 PM, Anonymous Flowersun aka Pat said...

Hey Wanda.... what ya got growing in there now?

I have started a blog on Delphi, come pay me a visit from time to time. I've added your blog link to mine.


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