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Friday, June 12, 2009


Amy, Mathieu and I left at the break of ....noonish today to go shopping at the farm stand north of Beeville. Then we took the FM bypass around Beeville looking for other stands. We only found one of those. So we drove south to Papalote to see what the pick-your-own stand had. That leg of the trip was a total waste of time and gas, since there was nothing at all there, and the field was empty.

At the first stop, I bought the three small squash ($1), the four small eggplant($1) and the large eggplant($1). They also had three kinds of tomatoes, red potatoes, eggs, cobblers, several kinds of squash, and probably a few more things I'm forgetting. Also, their produce is totally chemical free.

Then around the FM bypass, from the truck parked at the crossroads, I got the small watermelon, large honeydew, and the large gorgeous Mexican squash all for $11. Mat bought the cantalope for $1.50. The man also had other kinds of squash, three kinds of watermelons, a few kinds of onions, and more things I've forgotten. Mat and I were hoping for papayas, but he didn't have those.

After we got home, we cut up some of the melons, added some grapes, bananas and oranges that I already had, and made a huge fruit salad. There was a mishap with the watermelon, when Mat showed me how he could lift it with one hand over his head, and it fell and smashed all over the floor. However, we salvaged most of it. From that huge bowl, there is only a little bit left now. But there is enough of everything to make another one almost like it tomorrow, minus the bananas.

I like shopping from independent vendors, roadside stands and mom and pop places rather than the big corporations, when possible.

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