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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


They sleep in a 'chicken hutch' and spend their days in a movable 'chicken kennel'.

Stewart built this really heavy duty rabbit hutch for Shabree's rabbit, Sunny. After Sunny died of old age, it stayed empty until we got into chickens. Andrew bought her these two chickens for her birthday one year. She named them Goldilocks and Midnight. We keep them in this overnight, since it is 100% safe and secure. Some people around the corner and down the road have recently lost several of their chickens and apparently cats, too, to the huge coyotes that we have this spring.

This is what we're using for a chicken tractor now. The old one that looked more like a chicken tractor was done in by the weather and they were without until we bought this dog kennel from Tractor Supply recently. It works great, although it is a little heavy to be moving on a whim. Before a big rainstorm a week or so ago, we moved the extra dog house in there just in case they needed more shelter from the blowing rain. Now they usually lay their eggs in there.

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