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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Chuck got in touch with his inner child tonight while 'corraling' Mathieu's Lincoln Logs. Mat and Zach stay here almost every Tuesday evening and Mat always brings enough toys to keep him busy for a week. Typically, he stuffs his big horse trailer and pick-up set with as many Lincoln Logs, ranch furniture pieces, toy motorcycles, and other miscellaneous things, as he can squeeze in there. This is not counting the other super-sized vehicles, guns, candy, homework, plus his bike that he brings, too. So while Chuck was scooting the extensive ranch layout from the bedroom, bathroom, hall and edges of the living room, (we moved to a VERY small house) he got interested in constructing some things himself.

Mathieu saw the beginnings of a log house, and joined him. So they cooperated to build a small ranch, before running out of the logs.

Then I got Jane West and she drove the big red pick-up over to ramrod the operation and get the two other cowhands, who were lazing around by the cabin, in line.


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