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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Exciting post today, right? Ha! Yes, I am running out of photo ideas. But I really do love this nail polish color and have kept my nails (finger and toe) polished with this for quite a while now. I was changing fairly often to match my clothes, but always went back to this. Now I just mostly wear clothes in colors that this will go okay with. Like this morning to Mass I wore dark green and beige with turquoise jewelry.

Father Sadji was our priest this morning. Amazingly, he is fully recovered from the 18 stab wounds he received in his attack inside his parish church on May 3. Today is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, and he gave a really good sermon. We were honored to have him with us today. Father Sebastian is in San Antonio for a couple of days for an ordination.

When we got home from Mass, I moved Midnight and Goldilocks to their 'chicken kennel'. They are clearing the grass fairly well, but not as thoroughly or quickly as I hoped. I may go ahead and move it to a new spot anyway, and just dig up the rest of the grass they are leaving. I'll give them a couple more days in their present spot, though. Today I may weed the two flower beds in the front of the house. It's one of those jobs I hate getting started on, but once I do start, I find it strangely enjoyable. Last night I started on it, by the water faucet outside the laundry room and got all around the majestic sage before it got too dark.


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