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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Shabree and I went to the first Friday prayer for families at the church this morning. Afterwards there is always a covered dish luncheon. I took the easy way out and brought drinks and chips. After the prayer time, I took a few photos of Shabree inside the church.
The sunlight coming through the stained glass looked so pretty, but I didn't capture it very well. I don't think I got the best angle, and it would have been better with the sun lower in the sky, instead of almost directly overhead. Shabree thought the whole thing was a ridiculous idea, but she went along with it.
The holy water container by the side door had been changed. I really liked it, and took a photo of her holding it by another window.
...And a wannabe artsy close-up. Pardon the messy fingernail polish.
Then I took a quick photo of the top of the baptismal font. Father Guilbert had repainted it while he was here a few years ago. Then when the top piece with the statue of Jesus and St. John the Baptiser came loose a few months ago, a repairman and I cemented it back on. We have quite a few photos of this baptismal font taken by various relatives and generations. It's in pictures of parents and godparents, a priest and baby gathered around it. Different babies, different parents, grandparents and priests, but the same font. It's the one my children were baptised from, and the one my sisters and I were baptised from. The one my grandchildren were baptised from and likely the one my parents and maybe even my grandparents were baptised from. It's been in Immaculate Conception parish for many generations, surviving fire and two hurricanes.


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