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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I kept Mathieu all day today. We worked puzzles, did art, played 'Jumping for Gizzards' with Coconut, who will jump through a hoop for those tasty treats, spent time outside, and played hide and go seek. I especially like his version of that last game. I stretch back in the recliner, while he runs off, hides somewhere, then immediately comes running back to excitedly announce, "I was hiding behind the bed!!!". He and Shabree played Barbies for awhile, although their visions of the action differed greatly. Then he accosted her with the large plastic crocodile.
While he played outside, I trimmed several monsterously overgrown bushes, the low hanging branches of the anagua tree, and tried to cut as many of the tree's suckers as I could. I really need to buy an ax, I guess, to get them better.
He looked through a couple of my art books, but wasn't impressed with The American Art Book that I got yesterday at Barnes and Noble. He much prefers George Rodrique's Blue Dog Man. Apparently Coconut does too.
Both kids helped me make Chuck's birthday dessert - a bread pudding made from Krispy Kreem doughnuts, sweetened condensed milk, fruit cocktail and more. Shabree and I watched Paula Deen make it on her tv show the other day. I just now remembered - I forgot all about the Butter-Rum Sauce that was supposed to top it. Oh, didn't need it. It was good, but not all THAT good. And the two dozen K.K. doughnuts that went into it were about $14, I think. Plus all the other ingredients. Definately not THAT good. If you want to see the recipe, go to Paula Deen's website. Yeah, hers wasn't as flat and burnt-looking as mine, but I used a bigger pan than she did, and even though it was too dark, it didn't taste burnt at all.


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