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Saturday, June 17, 2006


This is my friend, Lydia, the parish secretary. I took her photo today with the flowers we got for the church for Father's Day. We went to Beeville to get them, so we had lunch at Jalisco Taqueria while we were there.
When we got back, I did a little watering at the rectory and C.C.D. building. Around the side of the 'L', I noticed that the two fig trees are covered with figs. There were 4 that were ripe, so I picked them and we ate them. Now I need to look up that recipe I got from Texas Provential Kitchen on PBS a couple of years ago, for a salad with figs.
Shabree's mother came unexpectedly this morning, and picked her up. She'll stay with her for about a week and a half, in Austin, and then come back here. We sure miss her.


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