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Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is one of the two plates we bought from the Boy Scout fundraiser taking place at the Fire Station today. It looks, but there is a lot of food stuffed in that plate for $6. Plus dessert and tea, which I didn't think to photograph. Too late now!

There were mockingbirds everywhere today! Starting this morning when the dogs were barking at Mama Cat who was inexplicably looking suspicious, sitting on the back gatepost. I called her and she jumped down and came to the door, being dive-bombed by a mockingbird on the way. Looking around, there were mockingbirds in several trees, and flying around.

After Mass, there were mockingbirds in the trees there, too, plus one sitting on the cross atop the bell tower at the back of the church roof. I did take a photo of that, but between the distance and the glare of the sun off the roof, it didn't turn out well.

I took my usual 3+ hour Sunday afternoon nap. I'm sure I need it, but I really hate taking naps.

Well, that's about it for my day. Pretty dull, actually. I painted a little, but didn't finish anything. I'm fooling around experimenting with backgrounds.


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