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Friday, June 02, 2006


Today was the First Friday devotion and luncheon. There were quite a few people missing today, since one family is on vacation, another has a member in the hospital in Corpus Christi, another was staying out of town for a few days, another had company due to arrive shortly, so came for the Stations of the Holy Family, but didn't stay for the luncheon... I think someone tipped them off to the fact that I was bringing the main dish. Here is what I brought - two tomato pies which got a little too...brown, and a big bowl of tuna salad, and two kinds of bread. I was a little disappointed in how both turned out this time, but oh, well... "Sometimes it's turkey and sometimes it's feathers", as it said in one of Lorna Bailan's books.
This is a photo of Shabree right before we left for the church. She's holding the basket we gave Mary L. who just got out of the hospital from having her thyroid removed. Shabree make the card, and I painted the chickens on the basket. Here is a close-up of the basket, before we added the card, tied onto the handle with the 'straw' raffia. The basket held a chicken and rooster themed kitchen towel, dishcloth and potholder set, plus lots of varieties of chicken soups.
We stayed in the breakfast room and talked long after the luncheon was over. It kept raining heavily off and on, so we just enjoyed the time, waiting out the rain. It's been SO good to get rain almost every day for six days now, after such a long drought. But then I heard the airport in Corpus Christi got 11 inches yesterday, and many of the roads around there are flooded. So I hope Father Sebastian gets back okay tonight. He's been in India for the past 6 weeks.
As soon as Shabree and I got back home this afternoon, a lady called who had been trying to contact me for a couple of days about the parish quilt project. She is not from here, but does help out with fundraising, sewing and projects for other area parishes besides her own. She said she had several quilt blocks made, and was willing to make many more for us if we wanted them. She was currently working on a cathedral window quilt for her parish, so by comparison, our little parish project is quick and easy. So I am meeting her at the church in about an hour so that she can bring the quilt blocks she has, and see the ones we already have.


At 6/03/2006 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanda, I love the flamingo setting with your yummy looking dishes....That flamingo try is so pretty.....great job on the basket too...glad that Shabree likes helping you with those sorts of things...

At 6/03/2006 11:27 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Thank you, Brenda! I used to sort of collect flamingos. The ones pictured are some of the ones from my kids. The vintage metal flamingo tray, is from the Goodwill Store. I found two of them about a year ago. The second one (not pictured) is about half the size of that one.
Yes, I am glad Shabree likes artsy-craftsy things too. ;)
Thanks for the comment.


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