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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Whoever said breakfast improves your day doesn't know what the heck they are talking about. I am not a breakfast person. But since a friend had been asking me to breakfast for a couple of days, I did agree to go, finally. He is an early riser and a great fan of breakfasts. So I set my alarm, got Shabree up and ready to go and we got to Chisholm only about 5 minutes late. While they had large, hearty breakfasts, I had a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of water. My day took a nosedive shortly after leaving. ....No, it couldn't be because I succumbed to junk food the night before, or that I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before.

So then Shabree and I headed to town, but stopped in the cemetery along the way to count the graves I needed 'flower holders' for. (Never end a sentence with a preposition.) These white wild flowers were all over the place, and I stopped by the back fence and took a photo of these amid the thick cover of oak leaves and fence brush. We saw these all along the highway too. The wonderful rain we've had over the past few days caused some of the wildflowers to come up, finally. It's too hot by this time of year, though, for most of our flashier, more well-known varieties to still grow and bloom. We missed out this spring because of our severe drought.
There were also some clumps of these in the fenceline too. They look white in the photo, but were actually purple.

When we left the cemetery, Shabree and I went on to Beeville to do some quick shopping for clothes for her, and chicken wire and pvc pipe for me. Yeah, I lead a glamorous life. I was going to stop at the supermarket too, but during breakfast realized that I was a day ahead of myself, so got a short reprieve from having to buy the ingredients for the main dishes I am making for the luncheon on Friday. Besides, our fridge is stuffed, so it would have been a major job to squeeze more in without cleaning it out first.

Then we came back to Skidmore and went to the parish office so I could help the secretary for a little while, then accommpany her to Beeville to pick up some dry cleaning - vestments - that were supposed to be done last week. Guess what, once again they were not ready, even though the owner assured her last week that they would be ready this time, by Tuesday. And here it is Wednesday... I am thinking they ruined something and aren't fessing up to it yet. Anyway, we had lunch at Jalisco, and Shabree and I brought most of ours home for the dogs, since we were still full from breakfast, and I was still a little too nauseous to eat much.

When we finally got home, Shabree was anxious to set up a Wandette scene, so here it is - Marlene, Barbara and Jenna having lunch at a restaurant. I stayed stretched out of the couch, except when I got up to take the photo.


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