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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


And she's asleep by 11:30pm. She was dropped off here late this afternoon. I really didn't expect her until after the 1st, so was doubley thrilled to see her come in the door. But she has to go back to Austin in a few days, I think, and THEN will be back to stay longer.
We have a busy day tomorrow. We are having an early breakfast with a friend, and then we need to hurry to Beeville to the supermarket, again, to get the things I didn't get today. I forgot that I need things for a luncheon on Friday. After that, we are having lunch with another friend and I need to take someone to Beeville to run a work-related errand.
Shabree had only been here a few minutes when Chuck returned from the cabin, so he took her back over there to see her 'surprise'. He had bought her a new horse a few days ago. She named her 'Starlight'. I sent the camera with them and hoped to get a photo, but they forgot. I couldn't go because I already had dinner started and was in my nightgown. Well, actually, the nightgown didn't stop me - I go over there lots of times like that.


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