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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I had big plans for today's neutral colors photo. I was going to feature my cowhide chair with the black and white 'fur', plus my bride and groom collection, but... You are getting this shot of Cauliflower with Garlic and Bread Crumbs. It's one of Paula's (The Cookbook Junkie) recipes that I have been meaning to make since she posted it. It really is delicious, despite how it looks, although DH declined to even taste it. I will be gladly having it for lunch until it is gone. Yum! The only change I made from how CbJ wrote it down was that instead of seasoned bread crumbs, I used seasoned croutons and pounded them into bits.
Then there is this scintillating photograph. It's what's left of some kind of rock structure that Zachary made in the mud puddle at the end of the driveway. I like rocks and I love that we had RAIN enough to have a mud puddle. Yay, rain!
Hula seventy is having color week over at her blog too. There, Monday is yellow day, so here is some yellow in a photograph in honor of that. There are so many anagua trees bearing their yellow to red berries right now. Strangely enough, some are far behind in the cycle and are just now being covered with the white clusters of flowers.

Okay, my photographs pretty much suck tonight, but I am just feeling so blah, that I procrastinated all day in getting any better ones. The day started off well, with me going to morning Mass, although I was a tad late. Afterwards I went straight to town and got Stewart's financial stuff all taken care of - something I'd been putting off and dreading. I just hate dealing with all of that, but made the three stops and got it all over with for now. So I was pretty happy to have that behind me and stopped at the Goodwill Store to celebrate. I didn't find anything there, and went on to Walmart for dog and cat food and some more hanging pot drip catchers. Then it was through the window at Taqueria Jalisco for a large orchata to drink on the way home. OHHHH so good!!! After I got home, I puttered around the house and got so tired from lack of sleep last night, that I finally took an hour and a half nap, and woke up with a head/neck ache and general draggy feeling.
While I was starting dinner, two little boys came by selling chilies. I didn't need any but then the guy driving them around asked if I wanted my lawn mowed. So we struck a deal, and they came back a little while later. The boys, especially the older one, really liked the dogs and said he was a 'dog person'. I said, "Hey, me too!" He said he has 5 dogs, so he has me beat by one! Anyway, the three of us were picking up the back yard where Patti-Jo gets into things and drags them all over every day. And where Zach had a rock pile and campfire ring made, and Mathieu had some kind of stacked construction made of flower pots and hubcaps. Ha! - Are they like their grandma or what?!
I asked the two boys if they sold any bags of chilies and they said no, but that they got $5 anyway. I guess some people just donated money to them. They said they were trying to earn money for fireworks for the Fourth of July, because they (the family) didn't have enough money to buy them.
Anyway, their uncle who was supposed the be mowing the front yard, came around back and said the carborator on his mower broke, so they will be back tomorrow.
Tonight, someone called and asked about the ad I put in the paper, in the lost and found about the new dog. He said he might want her if I wasn't going to keep her. I had mixed feelings about it, but he said he had a fenced back yard, and his wife wanted an Australian Shepherd so... He said he'd call again and come by tomorrow to look at her. I hope he does... I guess. I hope if he will give her a good home, that he will take her. But I'd really hate to see her go somewhere where she would be mistreated.


At 6/20/2006 7:39 AM, Blogger The Cookbook Junkie said...

I was surprised that my husband ate some of the cauliflower when I made it. He usually bypasses cooked veggies unless I put them right on his plate for him but he liked this.

Orchata? Is that a rice drink?(I had to look that up.) It sounds delicious.

At 6/20/2006 8:23 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Orchata really IS delicious! I guess it's rice water, vanilla, sugar, milk...and maybe that's it...or not. Lydia told me she buys it at HEB in the ethnic/Mexican section. It comes in two packets that you mix together. I'm going to look for it the next time I go.


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