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Friday, April 28, 2006


Chuck brought Zachary and Mathieu over a little while ago, and they were anxious to see the kittens who live in the laundry room. They are going to 'camp out' with Chuck over at the cabin tonight, and were here to call in an order to The Chisholm Trail, and see if I wanted something too. I didn't.
Lydia and I ate catfish there at noon, so I won't be needing any dinner tonight. I got a couple of things done at the office, and then Lydia went with me to Beeville. With Father gone back to India on vacation, there is much less for her to do there. She is already doing next week's work, actually. So she accompanied me to take Patti-Jo to the vet for more shots, and more heartworm pills. We left her there while we went to Walmart, Goodwill and then I stopped by Exxon to fill my near empty tank with gasoline.


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