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Sunday, February 12, 2006


The two home sewn vintage doll dresses that I won in an eBay auction arrived a couple of days ago. I carefully hand washed them, then starched and ironed them before trying them on my Margie... uh...Debbie... uh, I mean MARGIE doll. That's her in the middle wearing my favorite of the two. After ironing them tonight, I got out the suitcase that held the rest of my vintage vinyl dolls and posed them together. Besides Margie, I think my other favorite is the Black little girl in the blue dress. One thing I realized after getting them out after so many years, is that I really need some better fitting clothes. Back to eBay, I guess. Although The Artisan's Mall did have one old doll skirt and top set the other day. But, on second thought, it would be Margie's size and she is the one that doesn't need more clothes so badly. The others only have the tacky or ill-fitting (in some cases) clothes on their backs.


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