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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Look what I found when I started digging through my rubbermaid tubs of fabric - the very same Little Red Riding Hood fabric that I had planned to bid on, on eBay. I love it. So I posed my Madame Alexander-McDonald's Happy Meal toy, two of my little gnomes and a 'Grandmother's cabin' with it. Hmmm...I should have tried to find a wicked wolf, but I didn't think of it at the time.

Today I finally went to the grocery store. Coconut had to have her chicken gizzards, at least. And I needed more Diet Cokes...and I got the strong smelling Gain detergent that's been advertized on TV lately...and the new lipstick that is supposed to poof your lips out like Angelina's (we'll see), and the facial stuff recommended by my Cozy Den internet friends....and some other less interesting items - like food. Goodwill still had nothing of interest to me today. I thought about stopping by the Artisan's Mall, but decided to save that for another day.

I let several internet/blog contests get by me - the Dollar Store Gourmet Meal Challange (at The Felt Mouse), and the Best of the Worst Thrift Store Painting Contest, but now there is one for the Creepiest Clown. It's at Swapatorium, the same blog that held the Worst Painting contest. The rules are that you have to either already have it, or find it at a thrift type store. Also it can't have been intentionally made to look scarey. It has to have been made to be a cute or funny clown and only unintentionally appear scarey. It can be a clown doll, a piece of art, a figurine - anything. Frankly, it will be difficult to beat the one posted on Swapatorium to illustrate the contest. CREEPY!


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