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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Saturday, Annie had asked me to help serve food at an after-funeral dinner today and I gave her a strong 'maybe'. The truth is, I hate working with food. I'd rather do almost anything else. So when Lydia called and asked me to come help her in the parish office, I was glad to go. After we finished, we went for lunch at The Chisholm Trail. Back home, I started working on the Valentine for Zachary and Mathieu. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and also looks a lot less snazzy than I thought it would. Photo tomorrow, hopefully.
Tonight's photo is of a pair of vintage cloth dolls I bought several years ago. I got them out a couple of weeks ago, dusted them off and sat them on the telephone cabinet. I wish I could find some old fabric of the exact same kind the boy doll's overalls are made of, so I could make a matching dress for the girl doll.


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