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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Here are Mathieu and Coconut home from the First Saturday Farmers Market in Beeville. We got there about 9:30. When I first started going, I made it a point to be there when it opened at 9. But then I'd see photos of it in the newspaper with vendors who weren't there when I was, so apparently a lot of the vendors get there later in the day. This time, for instance, it had been advertised that 'The Candy Man' would have a booth there. Now I don't know what or who the candy man is, but I knew Mat would be very interested. But apparently the candy man sleeps late, because there was no candy at all there. Mat made out fine, though, with a pina colada snow cone ($1.25) and a hand carved wooden pencil with red lead ($2). From the Amish, I got a raw chicken($5.50), homemade cottage cheese($3), okra($3), and whole wheat noodles($3). From other vendors I got Blueberry Jalapeno Jelly ($5), Kettle Corn($1.25) and homemade Peppermint-Tea Tree soap ($5.50). I think that was it. For once, I didn't buy any plants, although I was interested in the bat faced cuphea. Now I wish I had got it. But hopefully they'll have it there next month, too. Coconut did okay, although she was a bit nervous - especially when we got to the area where the music was loudest. There were no other dogs there, this time, while we were, although the plant man had a pen with 3 kittens.



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