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Saturday, July 21, 2007


I bought my first two pair of Crocs yesterday at Walmart. Yes, I actually purchased those eye-blinding shoes in the photo. They weren't the end result of a swap gone terribly wrong. The new Super-super Walmart has gaping holes in their inventory selections, but they did have Crocs copies. In two colors only. These PINK and YELLOW ones, and black. No other choices. I was somewhat embarrassed to run into Garrett and Marti and have her catch me with these things in my basket. It wasn't embarrassing to have Garrett see them, because he is my child and has seem me acquire much weirder things. Much weirder. Marti asked me about them, we laughed, and then later when I saw them at the check-out, she said she got some just like them, too. At least these shoes go with the flamingo purse Ashley bought me one time... And I am wearing the flamingo bracelet today, too, that she gave me.
I am going to a birthday bbq in a little while at the parish hall. The shoes, purse and bracelet will look appropriately festive. Happy 35th birthday, Loretta! No I didn't buy her anything that garish. She is getting a tastefully flowered shirt from me, and a beautiful stuffed bunny rabbit from Shabree.
Question of the Day: Do you have crocs? What color(s)? Like them?


At 7/22/2007 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not yet. But, I'm just dying to try some on and see what they are like. If the outcome is favorable, I'll get some. By looking at them, though, they look terribly uncomfortable.
Come on now, you know that even if they had a larger selection, you would have still come home with those beauties!



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