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Friday, March 11, 2011


Although it is still too chilly for me, spring is definately beginning. Along the highway, the Indian Pinks (or Indian Paintbrushes) are starting to show. So far I haven't seen any on our property, but there are some smaller purple, white, pink(showy primrose/"buttercup") and yellow wildflowers all over.
This is what is on my kitchen table - 72 cells of tomato sprouts. Half are Roma and half are Rutgers. I am so glad Stewart got me this heated seed 'incubater' thingy. I never knew what I was missing! I will be growing all my veggies from seeds now, rather than buying plants.
The pear tree is blooming. I hope we get pears this year. Last year there were pears on the tree, but every time I checked they were not ripe, and then finally they disappeared except for one lone browned, dried one. I don't know if I just let them get away from me or what. I checked all the time.

These are the beautiful eggs we've gotten so far from our chickens this month. I love the different colors! We've been getting about 4 a day, and that number should continue to climb.

Stewart and Andrew have been working hard on building this fantastic chicken house. This one will be much easier for us to take care of the chickens and gather eggs from. The 17 hens and I are really looking forward to its completion!


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