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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Farmer's Market & Fall Fiesta

Mathieu was here before I got up this morning, so when my alarm went off early enough to get to the Farmer's Market right after it opened, he was more than happy to accompany me. Actually, we were in Beeville before it opened, so went to Walmart first, then Zimmer's, then Dollar General and then finally the Farmer's Market. We mostly got Fall and Halloween stuff. At Zimmer's they still didn't have malabar spinach, but said to check back next month, again. At the Farmer's Market this time, they had less booths, it seemed like, losing some of the craft vendors, but gaining a couple more veggie vendors. I 'posed' my veggies I bought, on the table outside. I think we'll have the spinach for dinner tonight.
On the way home I dropped off my cake - alas, store-bought cream cheese brownies - at the parish's annual Fall Fiesta, for the cake walk. Later Chuck took Mathieu up there, where he won two cakes in the cake walk and a float toy in the toy walk. He said he got to select which cakes he wanted when he won. Why he picked two nearly identical plain white cakes, I have no idea.


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