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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday after our other activities, Mat and I spent some time in the studio disarray, painting. I'm in some Swap-Bot swaps and so started on painting the face postcard and altering the pill bottle for two of those swaps. Mat painted a picture beside me, and we were both pleased with the results of his work. He hasn't thought of a name for the painting yet, but he will.

Today we went geocaching and letterboxing nearby and really had a good time with that, despite the fact that after we got there and got started, realized that he had picked up a dry ink pad instead of a working one. We came all the way back home and got a new one, then continued on our way.

I forgot to get a photo of Zachary a couple of days ago when we went to the first open poetry reading at the Barnhart Library in Beeville. It was advertised in the newspaper as open to anyone who wanted to read their own poetry or a poem by someone else or just listen to others read. Zach writes poetry regularly, so I asked him if he would like to go. He went with his notebook, planning to just read two, but the others there read a number of their poems and were so encouraging and upbeat that he ended up reading all of the ones in his notebook, then recited one of his that he had memorized and then recited John Erickson's Red Roan from memory. Garrett had planned on going too, and reading a couple of his poems, but he got home from work late, so didn't go. I had asked Andrew, too, but he said no, that he just screams his 'poems', and in fact had band practice that night anyway. He has a metal fusion band.

Back to the poetry reading, there was a really good turnout there, and there will be another open poetry reading next month and the month after that, too. So I hope more poets start coming. The ones who did read were very entertaining, and we had a great time. And speaking of the library, I am looking forward to going to the book discussion, which is always the last week of the month. I missed the first one, where they read and discussed The Time Traveler's Wife, but am ready to go to the discussion of The Chicago Way by Michael Harvey next Thursday. I didnt like the book at all, but am looking forward to the discussion. The book for September is going to be Passage to India by E.M. Forster, I heard.

I've been reading more lately. I read Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, which I didn't like at all, although I do think the movie will be really good. I also just finished Second Nature by Alice Hoffman. It was so-so. I don't know why I am so difficult to please with books lately.


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