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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I braved the dozens of boxes of 'miscellaneous' and walked across the yard to my studio this afternoon. I tentatively poked around in a few of the boxes and found 'Woodrow' who had been buried in that particular box since Andrew burned through the living and dining room several years ago, a couple of hours before Thanksgiving dinner, in a spate of guerilla decluttering. I also unearthed a few old art journals, some from 2004, even, plus a couple of newer ones that had gone missing. On the table is the background I had started painting a few days ago.
I also found 4 of my bottles of fingernail polish and painted my nails lavendar while I was at it. I added some grayish diamond shapes to my background too, although the plan I had for the painting I was going to do doesn't interest me any more. I don't know...maybe I'll still do it in a day or two. Or maybe I'll just change horses in the middle of the stream.

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