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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Zachary and Mathieu playing some kind of car game on my computer.

Chuck holding Coconut who is wearing her new Christmas dress.

Reagan and Amy. Amy got a haircut earlier in the day and is wearing her new slacks and top she got for Christmas.

Garrett and Andrew messing around with their cars.

Perusing the new collectible comic book Garrett bought recently, and discussing their huge collection of old and valuable ones.

Andrew, Samantha and Garrett laughing over the horrible sour oranges on the tree.

Garrett and Andrew with the vintage Coke cooler Garrett is taking to restore. He loves old vintage things. Andrew is more artsy like me, but it's Garrett who is most into vintage things.

After Reagan, Amy and the boys went home on Christmas Eve, Chuck and I went to Mass, then came home and went to bed. Zach and Mat were here early the next morning to show us a couple of their Christmas things. Around noon Andrew and Samantha came and then Garrett did too. We had ham, rolls, broccoli-mushroom salad, and sausage stars. Andrew brought some red wine to go with it.

When they got here, Chuck and Zach were out tracking wild hogs in the back pasture. There had been two out with the horses earlier, and they shot at one, but didn't get it. The wild hog problem has really gotten out of hand all over the area lately, but it better now than it was a couple of months ago.



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