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Sunday, December 07, 2008


We've been moving...and still are. It takes forever. I bring maybe a box or two over each day. The thing is, we are moving from a larger house to a tiny one that has a separate studio (which will turn into more of a store room, possibly) and a separate laundry/bedroom. It feels like I am on a very boring vacation, inside of a hotel room. We have things strewn all over in both houses.I don't feel like doing anything for Christmas.

This is an awful photo, but I don't feel like redoing it. It's the front of our fridge.

I went over to our other house and dug this out and brought it here. It is my favorite Christmas decoration, although it looks stark without any warmth or greenery around it. I guess I could think of all this white, as snow. Andrew made this long ago when he was maybe 9 years old or so.

There are loads of shelves around here if you count the cornice (? How do you spell that?) boards and cabinet tops. We got our first Christmas card yesterday, so I put it on top of the living room window. I'll add more if we get any, as they arrive.

This is the Wandette's Christmas tree. The Wandettes are still at the other house, along with Violette Spice-Blythe and her house and Christmas trees. I guess the Wandettes will join their tree, soon, for a kitchen penthouse type of home.

A basket of dusty Christmas candles brought from the other house.


At 12/08/2008 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you have more Christmas decorations up than I do! :/

The house, what little I can see of it, looks very nice. Love Andrew's decoration.



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