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Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween was kind of quiet this year. The highlight of the night was when Garrett came driving up in his convertible looking like THAT! LOL! He acted it up to the silly hilt in his werewolf costume. Shabree is at that age where she doesn't really want to dress up TOO much, so she wore a Tinkerbell shirt, a longish tiered black skirt, and a pink gauzey boa. The long pink wig was too hot. Then she carried a pink jack-o-lantern. Zachary was in the 'too old' state of mind too, so he just dressed all in camo. Mathieu was Indiana Jones. I dressed Coconut up in the pink 'BOO!' shirt with the flickering lighted ghost on the back. It matched her pink jeweled collar. I had her sit with us out front to greet trick-or-treaters, but she was not too enthused with it.

Sadly, we only had 95 trick-or-treaters this year- WAY down from what it usually is. And only 3 hay-trailers with kids/parents on them, and two of the trailers were the small kind. There was a big in-town football game, so that might have been a factor, but still I am disappointed in the (lack of) turnout. But one surprise was that one family brought their dog with them trick-or-treating. She was a chihuahua in a Snow White costume. That was really fun to see. Coconut was surprised at that, but not enough to get out of my lap and go investigate closer.

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At 11/05/2008 12:29 PM, Blogger Sacred Yoli said...

95 trick or treaters! Oh My! Sounds fun though. I live in a very sedated area, and because it rained this year, we hardly had any visiters.

Great Halloween pics, and again, thanks for visiting my lil blog.



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