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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It's been forever since I blogged last. I really do intend to keep current, but...
Anyway, this is the only photo I've taken since my last entry. It's a Rachael Ray recipe. I don't know the name of it, but I really liked it. Chuck was more...non-committal. After all, there is no real meat in it.
I took a box of organic chicken broth (not the anemic canned stuff), poured it into a pot, and after it boiled, added fresh 3-cheese tortellini, and cooked until done. I had fresh baby spinach waiting in the individual serving bowls. Then we ladeled the hot broth and pasta over it, wilting the spinach leaves. Over that, we sprinkled lemon zest and that was it! "YUM-O!". ;) This was in early January, and we've had it a couple of times since. Once with chicken stuffed tortellini, which I didn't like as much. Then just a day or two ago, I made it with fresh cheese ravioli, and didn't like it as well either....Gotta be the 3 cheese tortellini. ;)
Let's the time since my last entry, I had a friend come visit for a week with me. That was fun.
Also, Chuck has been to a couple of neurologists. Surgery is too risky, so they aren't going that route. He is taking meds now, but they aren't doing much good. It's just a bad situation.
And I have gotten caught WAY back up in the online RPGs I play. They are all of the gentler, simpler variety, but all of my favorites have come out with new things, new events, and all kinds of changes, so I am really keeping busy *smirk* (Yeah, I know...) with those.
Other than that, it is mostly just going along as usual. Last Sunday, my junior high class and I took a walk from the church to the old houses on the next block to see the huge Mexican Honey Wasp hive that Keith was writing about on the Skidmore Signal website. It was really an interesting thing. We also had a treasure hunt that day, so that was fun too.
I guess that's it... I truly am going to try to take some photos again and not be away more than I am here.


At 2/08/2007 8:01 AM, Blogger The Cookbook Junkie said...

So now I'm going to be craving tortellini for the next month????

I've seen this recipe somewhere else too. It must be a good one. I don't think my husband would appreciate it either - what is it with men and meat??


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