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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


'Twas the night before Halloween and before the computer I sat.
Not a creature was stirring, just this one ol' bat.

The shredded, ripped gauze was hung on the shower rod with care
In hopes that it would dry and not fall apart leaving a costume nightmare.
This is destined to be part of Shabree's costume tomorrow night. She wants to be a 'pink, fluffy troll', so I dyed this and am thinking it will make a pretty good short 'fluffy' skirt, over her striped tights. It didn't turn out as bright or dark as I had hoped, but bunched up it will be pinker looking than it is in the photo. Plus, she will have a hot pink wig, boa, lighted necklaces and face paint, etc. Hopefully, it will turn out okay.
Here she is being silly with one of the fake jack-o-lanterns I bought last week.
And here she is in front of the pumpkin display in front of HEB last Saturday. On our way to the store, we happened upon a yard sale sign, and since I was stopped at a red light anyway, I decided to go see. It had been ages since I went to a yard sale. She put up a mighty protest, but since I was driving...
As it turned out it was a good one. I got some little vintage die-cuts of babies in bonnets(.75) and she got a large Bushnell telescope on a tripod ($10!) and a sturdy wooden Pleasant Company fold out doll case with a bed and closet ($18).
At the supermarket we ran into Amy, Zach and Mat. I had Zach pose with Count Chocula. Mathieu declined.
These next three photos I took around the rectory last Sunday morning - An oleander and two roses.


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