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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dare I admit I am finally getting a little tired of making these? I've been trading these like crazy on Swap-Bot, and still have at least 2 more that I have committed to make.
I think the Farmer's Market is open today, but I am reconsidering going. I am just really sore from all the mowing I did yesterday. I still have a lot more to do today. I think I am going to go take cemetery photos in the next town this morning, too, for a different swap. While I am there, I'll get some plate dinners from some friends who are holding a fundraiser for medical expences. And there is also a funeral today, so I need to make a big dish of some kind and go serve food for the meal, afterwards. I guess I'll make a huge veggie I better get to the farmer's market after all.


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