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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Some anonymous donor blessed us with a new puppy Thursday night or early Friday morning. She is tentatively named Carly. Chuck wanted to name her after Carl since she has a lot of the same coloring and markings. I drew the line at Carlette, though, and didn't especially like Carlita either. So on the drive to the vet within an hour or finding her, I decided - tentatively - on Carly. After she drank and ate, I gave her a quick bath before taking her for her distemper and parvo shots, first dose of worming medicine (and one syringe-full to bring home and administer in 2 weeks),and an ear mite test and then ear might meds in her ears. Since she arrived on Mathieu's birthday, I kind of liked the name Matilda or Matty. But none of the names so far seem 'right' or roll off the tongue smoothly.


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