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Sunday, May 09, 2010


After Mass, I changed clothes and Mathieu and I went out to the cemetery. My mother's grave had been covered in bluebonnets, but they'd all gone to seed by now. Most of the seeds had already dropped, but there were still a few unopened pods on the dead stems, so in weeding them, we pulled off the good pods and put them in two ziplock bags. Mat took his to split between his mother and his great-grandmother. They are going to Normanna to his great-grandparents' house for dinner today. We only got about 1/3 of the weeding done before I gave out. I'll have to go back tomorrow and remember to take my gloves this time. My hands are really itchy and in the next few days will be covered with those tiny, extremely itchy little blister things. We removed all the faded silk flowers from all the family graves and replaced them with new ones. We ran out, though, before finishing, so I need to get some more of them the next chance I get. I used to be so good about keeping up with things out there, but now I usually only go out there 2-3 times a year. :/
We walked around admiring tombstones and wildflowers and on the way out, took a different route so we could see different areas. I just love old, non-manicured cemeteries with character, like ours. The new ones just don't have the same feel to them at all.


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