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Monday, December 07, 2009


It's December already! I intended to try to post a photo every day for December, like I tried to do for October, but time got away from me. Here it is the 7th, and I am only making my first December entry. Oh, well...

It snowed, briefly, last Friday, I think it was! Actual flakes floating and drifting down from the sky! Of course, it melted almost immediately, but still, snow in South Texas is rare.

My sister, Jan, came to visit for a couple of days and we were kidding that I probably wouldn't get a single Christmas card to help in decorating the scrawny garland I hung over the living room windows, since I hadn't sent a card, myself, in 2-3 years. ;) HOWEVER, this photo is to prove her wrong! I did get a card the other day! (Thanks, Natalie!!!) It is hanging proudly - and lonesomely - in the center of the garland. Honestly, can this even be classified as a 'garland'? It is so skinny maybe it should be called a 'rope' or something. Anyway, sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite traditions, but for the past few years, I just have not had time to send the ones I have bought! Or I guess I should say 'made time' since I know I could get more done than I do, if I tried harder. ...Not that I do soooo much, but everything takes time....and space. Anyway, I am not sure if I will even try to send cards this year. Now with our money so tight, I am not sure about spending for postage. And there is so much going on with our Children's Religious Education department, that time is being crunched too. ...and, um... I also got a new video game and found a new online game that tends to crunch my time as well. But I do enjoy it all - Christmas traditions and intriguing, but time wasting, games.


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