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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Obligatory photo: 'Lupita', an artist's trading card.

The big news is we had an inch of rain last night. It was such a rare sight, that people were out on their porches or looking out their windows admiring it. It didn't last nearly long enough, but at least it was heavy while it lasted.

I kept Mathieu for about an hour and a half late this afternoon, while Reagan, Amy and Zach went to a junior high (!) orientation meeting. We played with the blocks, the lego letter tile set, read a book, went outside and admired the kittens. We wanted to play cards but I couldn't find his set of cards anywhere. I guess they joined the ever growing list of things that are just inexplicably missing:
1. art journal
2. 'glue book' art collage book
3. art postcard album #1
4. art postcard album #2...
..... Oh, heck, I can't remember the rest, but it's a LOT. And now,
5. Mathieu's cards

On the other hand, I have found a few missing items lately...
1. The 4 frisbies that I got when I was obsessed with disc golf
2. My bottle of gesso
3. The package of 5" x 7" mailer envelopes
4. The giant size package of batteries, I gave up on.
5. A postal letterbox that should have been returned to the owner long ago. *blush*
...and I forget what else.
Isn't this cool? This is what Reagan, Amy and the boys brought over today, for my Mother's Day gift. I got the soil in the pots this afternoon, but haven't planted the seeds yet. I'll do that tomorrow. It has parsley, basil, cilantro, chives and thyme.


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